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MBBS Year II by WAGmob

教育 医学
開発者 WagMob

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WAGmob brings you, Simple n Easy, on-the-go learning app for "MBBS Year II".The bite sized app helps you to understand the basics of Pharmacology*, Pharmacy*, Medicinal Chemistry*, Pathology*, Genetics* and Genetic Engineering*.

In-app purchases required. *You can purchase "Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Medicinal Chemistry, Pathology, Genetics and Genetic Engineering" application from this app.

App features include tutorials, quizzes, and flashcards.

"Pharmacology" includes tutorials on:
Nervous System,
Drugs for Central Nervous System,
Drugs for Autonomic Nervous System,
Drugs for Peripheral Nervous System,
Drugs for Kidney,
Drugs for Heart Diseases,
Drugs for Cancer,
Coagulants and Anticoagulants,
Drugs for Respiratory System,
Drugs for Gastrointestinal tract,
Ergotamine & Cimetidine,
Pantoprazole & Bisacodyl,
Castor oil & Dicyclomine,
Lactulose & Ciprofloxacin,
Penicillin & Norfloxacin,
Albendazole & Chloroquine,
Acyclovir & Amoxicillin,
Azithromycin & Sorbitrate,
Levocetirizine & Salbutamol,
Paracetamol & Ibuprofen,
Aspirin & Piroxicam,
Theophylline & Domperidone,
Caffeine & Iron,

"Pharmacy" includes tutorials on:
History of Pharmacy,
Education in Pharmacy,
Practice in Pharmacy,
Clinical Pharmacy,
OTC Drugs,
Dosage Form,
Drug Addiction,
Drug Abuse,
Pharmacy Law,

"Medicinal Chemistry" includes tutorials on:
Drug Design Approaches,
Structure Activity Relationship,
Drug Absorption,
Drug Distribution,
Drug Metabolism,
Drug Elimination,
Paracetamol & Ibuprofen,
Aspirin & Piroxicam,
Castor oil & Dicyclomine,
Lactulose & Ciprofloxacin,
Penicillin & Norfloxacin,
Albendazole & Chloroquine,
Acyclovir & Amoxicillin,
Azithromycin & Sorbitrate,
Ondansetron & Prochlorperazine,
Chlorpheniramine & Promethazine,
Levocetirizine & Salbutamol,
Theophylline & Domperidone,
Synthetic Chemistry,
Career in Medicinal Chemistry,
Advantages of Medicinal Chemistry.

"Pathology" includes tutorials on:
Pathological Slides,
Cellular Disease of Red Blood Cells,
Cellular Disease of White Blood Cells,
Cardiac Pathology,
Renal Pathology,
Respiratory Pathology,
Hepatic Pathology,
Genital Pathology.

"Genetics" includes tutorials on:
Mendels Work on Pea Plant,
Mendels Law of Genetics,
Genes & Chromosomes,
Genetic Material,
Gene Expression,
Genetic Disorder,
Genetics of Bacteria and Viruses,
Recombinant DNA Technology,
Gene Flow,
Protein Biosynthesis,
Sex Chromosomes & Sex Linkage.

"Genetic Engineering" includes tutorials on:
Genes and Chromosomes,
Regulation of Gene Expression,
PCR & Its Application,
Gene Therapy,
DNA Fingerprinting,
Restriction Enzymes,
Molecular Markers.

Disclaimer for WAGmob Medical apps:
1) The information in this app is for education purposes only.
2) Please do not take any action based on content of this app.
3) Always consult with your qualified health care provider before embarking on a new treatment, diet or fitness program.
4) Please read detailed legal disclaimer before continuing with this app.

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